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Pool Accidents

Pool accidents are among the most tragic of all personal injury situations. They almost always involve small children and have a high mortality rate. These accidents occur when a pool owner fails to adequately safeguard their pool against unsupervised access by children. Locked gates and child safe pool covers are the key to preventing these accidents.

Accidents involving children

Children do not realize how easy it is to drown by falling into a pool. They will often run around the pool and it is common for a child to try to retrieve a toy from the water, then fall in. Once in the water, the child panics and the result is a life ended before it really began. Families are left emotionally devastated and even the pool owner may suffer tremendous emotional trauma from the incident.

Nothing can compensate a parent for the loss of their child. Most children are not covered by any kind of life insurance and the family is left not only dealing with their loss, but with the financial burden of laying their child to rest.

How we can help

At the Lalezary Firm, we approach the loss of a child with empathy and resolve. The owner of the pool, regardless of their level of internal feelings of guilt, is responsible for their failure to safeguard against the tragedy. We take the added trauma of pursuing a claim out of the hands of the grieving parents and take on the frustration of dealing with unsympathetic insurance adjusters so that the parents and family can reach some level of closure and begin to move on.

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