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Hotel Incidents

Personal injuries sustained in hotels can include slip and fall incidents related to over-polishing of floors, wet spills, inadequate warning signs in construction areas or areas being cleaned, inadequate lighting, faulty railings and unsafe bathrooms.

In addition to the standard slip and fall injuries which can be sustained at hotels, guests have been injured by falling objects, security emergencies, chemical spills and food-borne illnesses.

Unsafe Windows

Another often overlooked cause of injuries in hotels are unsafe windows in high rise buildings. In a high rise building on the upper floors the difference in air pressure inside and outside the building has been known to cause sudden gusts of air sufficient to push a person out of an open window, even to their death. Indeed, this was the cause of Sir Eric Clapton’s son’s death years ago.

Hotels are responsible for the safety of their guests throughout the guest’s stay. Any injury suffered on the premises will likely give rise to a lawsuit. The same is true of cruise ships, amusement parks and other such venues.

What can you do?

If you have been injured or suffered from illness while a guest on the property of a hotel, on a cruise or at an amusement park you need the help of a seasoned attorney who understands the duty owed to you as a patron of the establishment by its owners.

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