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Train Accidents

When a train collides with an automobile or pedestrian, the result is quite often death. Even a slow moving train can crush a car without effect to the velocity of the train. An unprotected pedestrian or bicycle rider will likely not even be noticed by a train operator unless the operator actually sees the person being hit. In any event, the physics of train collisions weigh heavily in favor of the train because of the combination of its mass and speed [mass x speed = velocity].

Causes of a Train Accident

Train accidents can be caused by a number of factors. Many times, unfortunately, it is the fault of the person being hit due to their inattention, intoxication or even intent (suicide). However, in other cases, the fault may lie on the train operator, equipment or safety warnings.

On occasion, the warning signs, guard rails and flashing lights may be improperly timed, giving insufficient warning to approaching vehicles or pedestrians on platforms. It takes expert analysis to prove that the required regulatory safety warnings failed to provide adequate warning to others of the train’s approach.

Accident reconstruction experts employed by the Lalezary firm are skilled in this kind of analysis and make the difference between your injuries being blamed on your carelessness or the true blame being laid where it belongs – on faulty or poorly maintained warnings.

Another cause of train accidents falls on human error by the driver of the train. Drivers of trains, although generally engineers with extensive training, are after all, human beings. Their attention can be diverted like the operator of any other vehicle. They may have unaddressed substance abuse issues. In any event, their moment of inattention can result in injuries from which no one could recover, including, in the worst cases, death.

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