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Restaurant Food Poisoning Liabilities

  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that each year, roughly one in six Americans — or 48 million people — get sick from a foodborne illness. Some of these illnesses only last a few days — the person has symptoms and feels absolutely dreadful, but the sickness subsides in a relativ[...]

Car Dealership Liabilities - Test Drive Accidents

  Have you ever thought about what would happen if you got into an car accident during a test drive? Normally, the dealership will be responsible for paying for any test drive crashes and will do so through its own insurer. However, if the test drive accident was your fault, the dealership may[...]

Drug Overdose Liabilities

  Last July, Shane Ward overdosed on heroin and other drugs after getting high in a van with three friends. When he passed out, his friends acted quickly: One of them, 21-year-old Devan Miller, got behind the wheel and took off, calling 911. She was told to pull over, which she did, instructin[...]

Medical Errors - What's 'Patient Harm' and Who Sues for It?

  Early in July, Mary Brennan-Taylor stepped to the head of a class of medical students at the University at Buffalo–SUNY and proceeded to describe the cascade of events that killed her mother. Alice Brennan, 88, was independent and anything but frail when she was admitted to the hospital on J[...]

Skateboarding Accidents

  Who Is Liable in a Skateboarding Accident? By Ephrat Livni, Esq. The skaters of your youth have turned into adult commuters and they are riding their decks through crowded city streets, which has piqued your interest in skateboard liability. What does this mean in the case of injury and[...]

Business Premises Injuries

  When we go out to eat or shop or play, we don’t expect to pay with a personal injury. But in fact that happens more often than we might care to consider. There are many ways that people get hurt when they are out and about. If you happen to get hurt on the premises of a business, you can su[...]

Gym Injuries and Liabilities

  Gym injuries are not unusual -- after all, that's where you go to get physically fit and sometimes you overdo it. But when things go awry and you find yourself injured because someone else did something stupid or negligent or irresponsible, they may be liable. Here are five legal tips for gy[...]

Cannabis Candy Maker Faces First Pot Wrongful Death Suit

  Kistine Kirk’s last moments were a harrowing collision of terror and confusion. Her husband, Richard, had burst through the door ranting about the end of the world. He began climbing in and out of the first-floor window, lying on the bedroom floor and asking for someone to kill him. Then he[...]

Rear End Collisions and Injuries

  Injury Claims for Rear-end Auto Accidents by Judge Anthony P. Calisi (ret.) According to the National Safety Council, each year there are more than 6 million car accidents. Of those, 2.5 million are rear-end auto accidents. In this section, we cover various aspects of rear-end collisions[...]

Landscaper David Williams will receive a legal settlement of $26.55 million

  Former Pennsylvania landscaper David Williams will receive $26.55 million – the largest ever legal settlement in a Philadelphia County personal injury case – after suing ServiceMaster, TruGreen and other defendants in the wake of a November 2011 accident that left him a quadriplegic. Acco[...]

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