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We are dedicated to accident victims who have been wrongfully injured. We will thoroughly investigate your case and we will identify all damages and losses including medical, all lost wages, pain and suffering, and possibly many other more potential losses. We are dedicated legal professionals working on behalf of our clients to obtain the best possible legal outcome and as quickly as possible. Lalezary Law Firm works on a contingency-fee basis. In other words we are paid after you get the highest compensations. You don't have to feel alone and take on the insurance company all by yourself.

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Attorneys Shawn and Shervin Lalezary have earned the distinction of being the finest California personal injury attorneys. The Lalezary law firm has recovered more than $100 million for clients. Our practice areas include rideshare accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, bus accident, product liability, and much more.

The Lalezary Law Firm and its legal staff will work tirelessly on your behalf and have the expertise and resources required to handle your claim. If you have been victim of an accident, it’s important that you quickly obtain the best legal representation to ensure the best possible compensations and immediate recovery from injuries.

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Benefits of hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer might not be obvious after an accident. The complexities of injuries and stress from a catastrophic event might mask important issues. Whether your case might involve a collision, or dog bite, these injuries would not have happened if a person or an entity was not negligent.

If you have been injured in an accident, what you will do next is critically important. Hiring an experienced attorney to guide you through has many advantages. We not only work to secure as much financial compensation as possible, but to make sure you will recover from your injuries. Call us for a free consultation.

Since the insurance companies’ interest is not always the same as yours, legal representation is important. The insurance adjuster might call two or three times weekly if not daily and will add to the stress of the accident itself. You are asked to sign certain documents that mostly written in an unfamiliar language. They might even say if you want your compensation fast, you have to sign this! This is truly unfortunate. We can immediately put a stop to this. We will take the stress off your shoulder by handling all aspects of claims and gaining access to all records. We will help you focus on your treatment and hopefully getting physically and mentally better.

Most adjusters will tell you since there is no evidence, not much can be paid. We will gather as much evidence as possible to make sure your voice is heard and your medical bills are paid. Collecting vital evidences are the key to a successful negotiation or trial.The most important part of settlement is negotiations. This must be from position of strength rather than weakness. A seasoned lawyer negotiating on your behalf is tremendous value. We will give you all the pertinent information about past similar cases and maximum potential money that can be awarded. This is vital information to gain strength while negotiating with an adjuster.

If your case is not settled, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf. The experience level of your lawyer can make a big difference in how much you are awarded. We are adept at getting jurors to recognize the severity of the negligence.


Latest questions and answers

Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

We strongly believe each and every accident which involves actual injuries requires a personal injury lawyer. If you try to negotiate directly with your insurance company you will forfeit the legal negotiations required to a reasonable settlement. Hiring a personal injury lawyer means there is power behind negotiations for compensation. If you decide to hire an attorney after trying to resolve a case on your own, it will have a negative impact on your case.

What is the cost of a personal injury attorney?

We work on a contingency fee basis. Contingency means that we only get paid when you win your case. Most injury victims cannot afford to pay an attorney by the hour. There are no up front costs or fees. We want the victim to recover fast from his/her injuries and can take care of his/her family.

What should I do after my injury accident?

You must seek medical treatment for your injuries and not take your injuries lightly. Some injuries might stay with you if they are not treated fast. Do not discuss your injuries with any insurance company including your own insurance company. Do not agree to a recorded statement. Preserve all the evidences you believe will help you in your negotiations. We will take over all discussions with insurance companies. We will also help you with your treatments. You need to focus on recovering from your injuries.

How much is my case worth?

Each case is unique. A number of factors go into the valuation of each and every case. These include cost of the medical bills and amount of available insurance. At the start of your case this information is unknown, but as your injuries are evaluated it will be easier to estimate the value of a claim. We will gather this information as quickly as possible. Through negotiations and evidence gathering we will help you avoid the tactics used by insurance companies to devalue your claim. We have more than 20 years experience and we can give you a reasonable estimate after evaluating your case and your injuries.

What will happen after my accident?

If the negligent party’s insurance company called you, do not agree to a taped conversation. This will be used against you. They will do their best to show good faith, however, your interest is not the same as theirs. Despite what the insurance company adjuster might give you assurances regarding the taped conversation, do not agree. Be very nice and kindly decline taped interviews.

Shervin Lalezary


Shervin Lalezary is a tenacious attorney with extensive pre-litigation and trial litigation experience. Mr. Lalezary gained experience not only in practicing law, but in dealing with institutional Forbes 500 clients who had millions of dollars at stake. Now in a much smaller environment, Mr. Lalezary takes those same skills and experiences and brings it to clients on a much more individualized basis. Mr. Lalezary has taken his passion for the law into the field of law enforcement by becoming a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Recently he arrested a serial arsonist who lit over 50 fires in densely packed apartment buildings all over Los Angeles.

Shawn Lalezary


Why is Shawn the best personal injury attorney for your case? He has a unique and well rounded view of legal intricacies of an accident that other injury lawyers do not. He knows exactly how to advocate for you to get the highest compensations you deserve. Here is why: while in law school, Shawn worked at a well known Beverly Hills injury law firm. There he learned the art of drafting and responding to pleadings and managing all facets of electronic discovery. His contribution resulted to more than 5 million Dollars in compensations in less than 2 years. With the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Shawn gained experience to argue in criminal courts. In addition to being a dedicated personal injury attorney, Shawn is a volunteer patrol deputy for local Sheriff’s Department. His police training has given him the ability to make determinations of fault while writing police reports. All of these skills have given Shawn a unique perspective and a distinct advantage in advocating for his personal injury clients.
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